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Mom, How are your kids at multiplication and dividing? Also, how are your children at adding and subtracting ? Give your kids super multiplication, dividing, and adding, subtracting success! You get ten times better results than flash cards, software and everything else. With these top fun powerful learning tool math games, you will guarantee they learn the number facts and achieve success. These multiplication and dividing games and addition and subtracting games are the absolute best learning tool games in the world. Both games are only $19.95 and shipping is free. These Fun Easy Kids Memory Wizards will help your kids get to the Head of the Class. They cover all of the basic multiplication, dividing, adding, and subtracting number facts. Your kids confidence will build and build. Here's how they work. These games use the power of Writing. Writing is the strongest link to the long term memory. The kids write on the long lasting plastic writing surfaces of the Kids Memory Wizard. Then they can self check because the real answers are there, and then it's erasable for endless fun. They're also perfect for the classroom activities as a teaching aid or teaching aids, work books, sheets, a chart or charts,to practice math problems. For teaching it's perfect for all times table numbers.

When it comes to either Adding ( or Addition) and Subtracting or Multiplication ( or Multiplying) or Dividing the Wizards top game or top games are the absolute best. It’s very important to know that writing is the very best camera for the long term memory. When kids write their multiplication ( or multiplying ), dividing, adding ( or addition) or subtracting numbers, the writing puts all of these multiplication ( or multiplying ), subtracting, adding ( or addition ) and dividing numbers strongly into the long term memory for easy recall. No other process is as strong a writing especially in a game. We all know that when we write things down on paper, or take notes, the writing really helps the memory and top games are best. Writing is powerful as it relates to memory especially in a top game. All of the experts are in total agreement that all kids must memorize the basic adding ( or addition ), subtracting, multiplying ( or multiplication ) and dividing. It’s not possible to progress in math if the kids have not memorized their multiplication (or multiplying) dividing, adding (or addition ) and subtracting. What’s the bottom line? You will see great results when the kids have memorized their adding (or addition), subtracting, multiplication ( or multiplying) and dividing especially when the kids are able to use a top game.